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Pediatric Dentistry of Long Island, PC
Scott L. Goldstein, DDS
1719-C North Ocean Avenue, Medford NY 11763
(631) 654-4242   Fax: (631) 654-4291
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Dear Parents,

We appreciate the opportunity to participate in your child’s overall oral health care.  However, we need your help to be successful in providing a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles. .

In addition  to monitoring your child’s diet, giving them prescribed vitamins when indicated, and helping them brush and floss, we need  your help to make sure you child comes to his appointment.

For your convenience, we are now sending text messages and emails as our primary means to contact you.  Please respond to the text or message.  In some cases, we may try to contact you by phone. However, we cannot always confirm your appointment this way.  When you schedule an appointment, we take it at its value that you will be here. 

If your child does not come for his/her appointment, two children are inconvenienced. The first child that is inconvenienced is your child because his/her treatment is delayed possibly causing pain or discomfort.  The second child inconvenienced is the emergency patient with a toothache that we could have seen rather than make him/her wait.

We are aware that emergencies come into everyone’s life. Therefore, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible if you have to reschedule your child’s appointment.  We ask you to give us 48 hours (two business days, Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days) if you have to reschedule your child’s appointment to allow us to schedule a child who needs dental care.  Also, if your address, home phone, cell phone, or insurance change, please let us know as soon as possible so if we need to get in touch with you, we can.

We are ask that you to confirm all appointments either by phone or text when we send them to you. In addition, we ask you to arrive 15 minutes early. This will allow you not to rush to arrive here on time. This way you can have enough time  to avoid traffic or construction, go slow in bad weather, get your child/children out of school on time, allow the child to relax before the appointment, have him/her use the bathroom prior to treatment if necessary and give you time to complete any paperwork or review insurance issues.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a $50 no show/last minute cancellation fee or postponement of your child’s visit.

If you have any questions about your child’s overall oral health, please call us.  We look forward to treating your child.

Yours in great oral health,

Scott Louis Goldstein, DDS

Some of the procedures and services we provide

Checkups Baby teeth root canals We offer nitrous oxide for the anxious patient
Emergency visits Space maintainers Special needs children’s exams
Fillings Infant care exams Consults
Crowns Fluoride therapy School forms
Cleanings Dental x-rays New patient exam
Sealants Extractions We treat kids who are afraid or anxious
We also perform procedures and offer general anesthesia in the operating room at St. Charles Hospital for medically compromised, special needs patients, very young children or children that are too anxious and afraid to sit for multiple dental visits.
Call for a complete list of our services



Infants, Children, Teenagers And
Young Adults

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